How Can I find out if I can get an Inheritance Loan?
Call our toll free number and we will help you: 1-888-713-6313

What does it cost to apply?
It is absolutely FREE.

Who is eligible for Inheritance Loan?
Any heir who can expect at least $10,000.

How much does it cost?
The cost involved in your cash advance depends on the anticipated distribution and obstacles to recovery and each case is unique.

How much can I get as an advance?
Typically up to 50% of an heir’s anticipated inheritance through probate.

Where and when do we get our money?
From distributions to which you would be entitled from the estate. This is a NO recourse transaction so unless you misrepresent the only source of recovery is through the distributions made.

Are there any monthly payments?
No as payment is out of distributions only . We accepts the risk.

Will bad credit disqualify me?

What if there are not enough funds to pay Probate Cash Advance?
Provided you as the applicant tell the truth and do not breach your assignment agreement you have no personal liability for payment of the advance except through distributions made from the assets of the probate.

What happens if the distribution of the probate estate is delayed?
This is a risk assumed by us.

Are there any geographic limitations on funding?
Yes we limit our business to probates in California.

If I have other questions questions ?
For answers to other questions about an advance against inheritance or to refer heirs or beneficiaries,
call anytime 1-888-713-6313 from 9am to 9pm Pacific Time.

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