Inheritance Funding

Inheritance claims in the state of California need to be initiated through a petition filed in the court that has jurisdiction over the deceased personality of the area wherein the property is situated. This petition essentially opens the deceased estate into scrutiny and inventory by the estate representative who is the only authorized person who can handle its appraisal affairs. This personal representative is tasked to dissolve and aggregate the various properties according to first, the liabilities of the deceased and second, to the deceased remaining heirs.

One of the most crucial decisions over probate cases is the efficiency and diligence of the estate’s personal representative as it is he or she who will collate all the necessary requirements and meet the various deadlines of submission to the court. It is wise to know every step of what this representative is capable of doing. The state of California requires that once all properties have been duly accounted for, a public notice to its creditors and other interested parties will have to be furnished and effectively published in the newspaper. This dissemination of information is the exercise of checks and balances within their state laws to avoid non-disclosure of sensitive estate information especially in cases that are high profile or those that involve huge amounts of money.

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